‘A Good Girl’
October 9, 2018

From balmy evening pre-drinks seshes to glorious hungover beach days, the soundtrack of your summer is here, thanks to Canadian shooting star RALPH‘s dazzling debut album, A Good Girl.

It’s kind of incredible that the MMVA-nominated artist hails from snowy Toronto and not the golden beaches of California, because her LP is a sun-drenched mix of infectiously singable empowerment anthems and breezy indie-pop chillers.

From disc-opening self-love serenade ‘For Yourself’ to the disco-infused flirtation of ‘Bedroom Eyes’, the finger-snapping TOBi featuring R&B bop ‘Girl Next Door’ to the intense heartbreak balladry of ‘Cereal’ ft. Milk & Bones, this 10-track musical cocktail is both sweet and refreshing, but still packs just the right amount of punch.

Listening to A Good Girl feels like meeting your new best friend and sharing each other’s dreams, secrets, life lessons and — most of all — good times.

Let’s hope RALPH comes to Australia soon so we can experience it IRL.