Age of Nero
August 26, 2009

Age of Nero, the latest album from Norwegian black metal masters Satyricon, is yet another piece of perfection from these brilliant and often under-rated musicians. From the beginning of the first track, Commando, Satyr’s blistering guitar riffs and Frost’s furiously powerful drumming abilities are given a fitting workout, all the way through till the end of Den Siste (The Last).

A word that comes to mind with Age of Nero is confidence; confidence in song writing, confidence in style and confidence in theme. This confidence is heard throughout the album, and personally I believe is emphasised in the track Den Siste, which takes a step back in Satyricon’s style with the lyrics being written and sung entirely in Norwegian.

This is a must own album for any fan of not just black metal but metal in general. Each track leaves you wanting to raise your horns, bang your head and do windmills until you neck breaks.