Aussie Cinemas To Screen Back To Back ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Director’s Cuts In Epic 12-Hour Marathon

Strap in fellow Lord Of The Rings geeks because Australia’s Palace Cinemas has announced plans to screen the beloved trilogy back to back in what can only be referred to as One Movie Marathon To Rule Them All.

Yes, yes, we’ve all indulged in a marathon viewing of Fellowship, The Two Towers and Return Of The King before, but this is different. This time there’ll be an extra 3 hours worth of sweet LOTR narrative footage piled on top, courtesy of Palace screening the extended Director’s cutsof all three movies in the epic saga (which you’ll have seen already if you bought the limited edition box sets back when DVDs were still a thing).

It’s happening for one day only on Sunday, 8th September at Palace Cinema Paradiso, Palace Electric, Palace James Street, Chauvel Cinema, Palace Byron and Palace Balwyn from 10am until the last credit rolls, so dust off your Elven cloak, stock up on second breakfast (and third and fourth and fifth) and cancel all other plans.

You can grab tickets right here (And remember to bring it on the day, otherwise, ahem *musters best Ian McKellen impression* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!)

Actual footage of us emerging at the end of the night:


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