This Aussie Parody Of ‘Rick & Morty’ By The Creator Of ‘Damo & Darren’ Is Cooked

American comedy channel Adult Swim has pranked Rick & Morty fans with a bizarre mini-episode of the cult series created by Aussie animator and YouTuber Michael Cusack.

Last year, Adult Swim dropped the third season of ‘Rick & Morty’ on April Fool’s Day, but this year fans got a mini-episode called ‘Bushworld’ which has nothing to do with creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

It’s totally different to any episode you’ve ever seen. The animations are different for one, and Rick and Morty are also thrown into an Australian universe. It’s an unsettling (but brilliant) watch for fans of the show, as everything we’ve come to know and love is twisted into the story of a trip to Bendigo, Victoria.

Cusack is known for his equally cooked YouTube videos and the series Damo & Darren, which has racked up thousands of views (and ciggies) by poking fun at Aussie culture.

Unfortunately, ‘Bushworld’ is the closest Rick & Morty fans are going to come to new episodes of the show for a while, with Dan Harmon recently telling SModcast that they haven’t even started working on new episodes because of “contract negotiations”.

Watch the ‘Bushworld’ episode of Rick & Morty in full, below.

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