Sound Series Will Blow/Caress/Light Up Your Mind

Sound Series is a monthly night of sound-based performance at Hardware Gallery on Enmore Rd. This month is curated by Feral Media, an artist-run record label based in Sydney. The event will showcase a range of artists from their roster including AFX-JIM, Broken Chip, Scissor Lock, Comatone and Haunts – a new project featuring Peter Hollo and members of Underlapper. All these artists are represented by Feral Media.

Editor’s note: Sound Series is one of the most consistently interesting, engaging and out-there nights in Sydney. It’s everything you think sound-based art, performance and installation isn’t. So forget your prejudices, go in with an open-mind and you’ll come out with a mind bursting with ideas, sounds and wonder. And its hosted by a commercial gallery – weird, huh? Just go with it, it’s rad. And pssst, once you pay the cover charge, there’s free booze. No joke.

Sound Series #11 – curated by Feral Media

7.30pm, 11 November

Cover charge: a measly $8

Hardware Gallery

263 Enmore Rd, Enmore

Poster illustration by emerging artist and man from the moon Jack Stahel.

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