The Best Of: Melbourne Earthquake Memes

As a rule natural disasters are no laughing matter; Australia continually deals with more then it’s fair share of floods, fires, cyclones and droughts. However the earthquake that ‘rocked’ Melbourne just before 9pm last night has been given the ‘meme treatment’ for its lack of intensity.

Despite the 5.3 magnitude quake being the biggest to hit Victoria in over a century, those who felt the 30 second shock have seemingly shrugged it off as an amusing moment in an otherwise mundane Tuesday evening.

The extent of the damaged inflicted by the quake is perfectly described in this article by the Herald Sun, “The magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook homes, cracked windows and walls, and threw residents from their chairs.”

Since last night numerous memes mocking the earthquake have been uploaded online. Nova complied the memes into a single gallery and Music Feeds has done the same to save you trouble of dealing with Google images.

Although the earthquake surely came as a ‘shock’ to those who experience it, it certainly didn’t deter this cool cat from jamming on the guitar…

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