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TikTok Launches Music Marketing And Distribution Platform, SoundOn

TikTok has announced the launch of SoundOn, an “all-in-one platform for music creators.” SoundOn was first introduced in early 2022, but the tool was not available in Australia.

TikTok formally announced SoundOn’s Australian expansion at the Sydney Laneway Festival, describing it as an “integrated platform for music marketing and distribution” that’s designed to empower new and emerging artists.

TikTok launches music distribution platform SoundOn

SoundOn is promising to work hand-in-hand with local artists, allowing them to spread their creations via the social media platform. SoundOn will provide artists with insight into how their music is used on TikTok, offering analytics and data designed to help them grow their profile.

SoundOn is free to join and will give 100% of royalties to music creators in its first year, while also aiding artists with distribution to other music platforms.

“Lots of Australian artists have been discovered and found new fans through TikTok, so we’re excited to help artists get their music to fans through our new service SoundOn,” said TikTok’s Director of Music, ANZ, Ollie Wards.

“Backed by a team of local music industry experts, SoundOn gives artists a new way to distribute their music to digital platforms and grow their fanbases.”

Artists that wish to register with SoundOn can do so via the platform’s official website.

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