UK Comedian Paul Foot Is Doing An Interactive Live-Streamed Show Just For Aussies

UK funnyman Paul Foot is doing LOL-starved Aussies a solid and injecting some much-needed giggles into the bleak abyss that is 2020.

He’s announced a special one-off live-streamed show especially for us.

Going down via Zoom on October 4th, the performance will be completely interactive with the comedian getting fans involved in the action (so make sure your connection isn’t lagging if you don’t want to end up being a punchline).

Dubbed The Donkeys, Foot’s show has been described as “an interactive soap opera” that “follows the lives of the Donkey family, a clan of firefighters, with all the roles played by willing audience members”.

FYI, every instalment of The Donkeys is completely unique, with Foot penning a fresh original script that gets sent out to participating audience members in advance of the show (but reading it before the event begins is apparently a big no-no).

“The calibre of actor/actress I am looking for ranges from very experienced/competent to totally inexperienced/vastly incompetent,” the beloved comic said.

“In fact, participants with little/no acting experience are preferred – though I will also accept top professional actors such as Judy Garland or Bradley Cooper.”

You can head on over to Foot’s official website for all the details.

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