The New Pollution: # 002 – Mean Lady

It’s easy to forget why the internet is awesome sometimes. Sure we can get cheaper brand name clothing these days, and keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier, but what with all the advertising, misinformation, hacking and Twitter, I often find myself going back to the original idiot box for entertainment. Then you discover a band like Mean Lady and it all makes sense again.

Self described as, “…two kids from Delaware who would like to play at Bonnaroo”, this charming duo brought out an EP entitled Kid Friendly last year, however it’s too underground for iTunes (tracks available on their Bandcamp). There’s little point trying to put Mean Lady’s sound into words, but if I had to try, I’d go with a white Erykah Badu (Joan as Policewoman?) singing over sub-orientally inspired string arrangements and soothing trip-hop bass beats. I would highly recommend them for fans of artists like Zero 7, Animal Collective and Aretha Franklin, as well as the lovely ladies mentioned previously.


Mean Lady – Far Away

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