The New Pollution: Introductory Post

I used to be like you.

Casually browsing obscure blogs whenever it suited me. Wondering who the guy was on the other end. Wondering what drives him/her? Then I’d get over it and download the Smiths cover I originally came for. Four seconds later and I’m off, never to return again.

Hopefully by appearing relatable to you, I’ve established a connection with you that will encourage you to read on.

My silly little blog will be a collection of posts about bands you might not have heard of. I’m aiming to minimise your effort on the “discovering new bands” front. The blog won’t be self-serving. Conversely, I feel like I’m repaying a debt for all those times I’ve taken band recommendations from somebody, only to keep them bottled up in my iTunes so I can tell people, “…oh yeah, I loved their first album. What?? Oh yeah, I knew about those guys from <insert reference here>”

I’ll also be keeping an eye on the bands that we all (by which I mean, “I”) know and love. I’ll be cutting through hype with knife-edge chops. I’m not going to insinuate that I’m an authority on good music, nor will I be attempting to objectively explain sound. The blog will just be a handy tool for people that don’t have as much time on their hands (compared to their university pre-self) but still want the best stuff on their mp3 players.

I’m hoping to post at least a few times a week. You’ll love some of the bands and hate some of the others. Most importantly, you won’t miss too much!

After my inevitable first wave of success, band interviews will follow (initially by phone, then in person, then in person on camera). Some exclusive covers would be nice. Hopefully by the end, I’m sharing a brandy with Julian Casablancas in his winter chalet at the foot of Mt. Awesome. Until then, stay tuned while I scour the interweb for some new junk.


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