The New Pollution: # 010 – I Am The Dot

I Am The Dot is the solo project of Zach Tipton, an ambitious singer/writer/composer from Denver, Colorado. I have taken to Zach since he releases songs about as frequently as I do posts.

The songs in question, are well-orchestrated and synthesised, however the real strength is Tipton’s voice. My favourite song, Formaldehyde, peaks at about 2:20 with a far-ranging “wooo hooo” vocal display. It really makes you feel like Zach is enjoying what he’s doing.

Tipton has released about seven EPs (I’m not listing them all for you) but all of his songs have been compiled neatly into A Collection Of Songs which is available for a “name your price” download on his Bandcamp. Check it out if you’re a fan of Band Of Horses, Panda Bear and Darondo (if you don’t watch Breaking Bad or have a cool dad from the 70s, you’ve probably missed Darondo’s soulful body of work. His tearjerker Didn’t I is embedded below, it is a MUST-HEAR). I Am The Dot is the perfect soundtrack for personal reflection while looking out the window of an overground inner city train at night.


I Am The Dot – Formaldehyde

Darondo – Didn’t I



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