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Amy Sheppard’s Top Five Country Music Heroes

Amy Sheppard’s music career has taken a circuitous route. Sheppard – who co-leads the pop band of the same name with her brother George Sheppard – grew up surrounded by country music. She then fell in love with the big 90s divas, before forging the pop-influenced sound of Sheppard.

Early in 2022, Amy Sheppard launched a solo career and she’s finally getting to indulge her great love of country music. Sheppard’s debut solo EP, Nothing But Wild, is out now. To coincide with its release, Sheppard looks back at her country music heroes and biggest influences.

Amy Sheppard’s Country Music Heroes

1. Kacey Musgraves

The first time I heard ‘Slow Burn’ by Kacey Musgraves, I was blown away. It was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Kacey has a very authentic and modern way of writing country music. I love her attitude, aesthetics and her captivating songwriting. There is an ease and elegance to her studio albums that I absolutely aspire to for my own career.

2. The Eagles

I grew up listening to The Eagles. They’ve had a huge impact on the way I song-write. Their storytelling, their hauntingly beautiful harmonies and their legendary songs are something I will forever strive towards. There is real comfort when I hear ‘Hotel California’ or ‘Desperado’. You wonder if your own songs will ever be remembered the same way.

3. Taylor Swift

The way Taylor Swift has blended the country and pop world is second to none. Her extremely personal lyrics, attention to detail and love for her fans shines through and makes her so relatable. Whether she is releasing huge radio hits like ‘Blank Space’ or ‘Love Story’, or her more introverted moments like ‘Betty’ or ‘Exile’, she is shining. May not be another current artist who can move between these moments as effortlessly as Taylor.

4. Keith Urban

As part of Sheppard, I had the absolute privilege to tour with Keith Urban. It was a dream come true and he certainly lived up to the hype. He was professional, talented and so kind. His music will always hold a special place for me. Especially both being from Brisbane and him really paving the way to show us that a guy from Caboolture can be a truly global star that is known in country, pop and showbiz circles is really inspiring. A great guy.

5. Dolly Parton

She’s the queen, what more can I say? She’s fun, she’s talented, she’s fabulous. Whether it be her dreamy voice, her perfect songwriting, her camp and hilarious acting chops, her huge heart and charity endeavours or the fact that so many people have mocked her along the way and she never wavered from her truth – Dolly transcends music. She is a true icon.

Amy Sheppard – ‘Blue Guitar’

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