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Five Artists Who Influenced JXCKY’s ‘Ghost You’ – UPSAHL, Sub Urban and More

Melbourne-based, Chinese-Cambodian queer pop artist JXCKY has released three singles in 2022. The latest of these, ‘Ghost You’, was co-written by JXCKY and Gus Cannon and produced by Cannon and Daniel Roughley. The synth-heavy track contrasts JXCKY’s penchant for spooky melodies with an anthemic pop chorus.

Prior to ‘Ghost You’, JXCKY released the tracks ‘Losing My Mind’ and ‘Mad Invite’, the former of which spread JXCKY’s name far beyond his Melbourne home base. Here, JXCKY points the finger at five artists who had a major influence on ‘Ghost You’.

Five Artists Who Inspired JXCKY’s ‘Ghost You’


UPSAHL radiates unapologetic energy with bad arse attitude and modern grit that I’m trying to channel in all my music.

Taylor Swift (Reputation-era)

Taylor Swift has an intense and dramatic flair in her songwriting. Stylistically and lyrically, ‘Ghost You’ has a shared feeling of intimidation and vulnerability that takes from Taylor.

Sub Urban

Sub Urban makes horror-infused pop that makes your skin crawl and comes off as villainous. ‘Ghost You’ is largely inspired by Sub Urban’s creepy and intricate melodies.

Sub Urban – ‘Freak’ (feat. REI AMI)


‘Ghost You’ is sinister and intense and emanates a power trip vibe to it that REI AMI’s music has, especially in her track ‘Dictator’.

Billie Eilish

Early-era Billie Eilish catapulted dark-pop into the mainstream. To this day, artists like me writing in that genre are still visually and sonically inspired.

JXCKY’s new single ‘Ghost You’ is out now via Teamwrk.

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