Cloud Control Take Us Track By Track Through Their New Album ‘ZONE’

Cloud Control are officially back in the proverbial zone.

Produced by the band’s Alister Wright across homes and studios over three years, the band’s aptly titled third studio album, ZONE, took longer than expected to come together. But, with time comes finesse, and ZONE is rich with sonic exploration, musical innovation and emotional perception.

To get a window into the stories behind the newly released record, Cloud Control have shared with Music Feeds an explanation of each track on the album, out now. Stream the record and delve into the story of ZONE, below.


We were taking turns freestyling lyrics on the mic over this cool beat we’d all been working on one day. It was in the little house in Forster on the coast. Ulrich came up with this line, that had a really good emotion in it: “I hate it when you walk away” and I think everything came from there.

As soon as I heard that bit, I wanted to write a song where the melody never changed, it was always built from that one line. We kept going. One of the freestyles later had “this is how it feels in the zone” which instantly felt good. We all knew it was a good vibe. It developed.

We kept writing lyrics, so many lyrics for this song. The final ones were the simplest. It ended up being a song about us coming together as a band and the special place inside where we meet to play music. About coming back together and never giving up. We’ve been playing together for a long time so this really resonated more and more as something that linked us together and linked all the songs together.


This is a love song. It’s about running around in a forest and exploring the space. A feeling of being elevated by someone, being the canopy, the atmosphere, the whole forest.] I’m [Heidi] also referencing a great line from Henry and June by Anais Nin, where she talks about her love and says something like “he covers me like the sky”.

Rainbow City

We wrote this in Bundanon at the Arthur Boyd trust place.


This song is about the surveillance state and how we’ve become used to voluntarily undermining our own privacy in most aspects of life, and the tension of not caring but wanting to care – knowing we probably should care. People are observing, being observed and observing themselves.

Lights On The Chrome

Al wrote it just before getting a motorbike at our old high school in the Blue Mountains. It’s about losing things.


This was written one afternoon in my [Heidi] bedroom after visiting an old friend and feeling a deep disconnection. It’s about not knowing someone anymore, losing a friend and moving away from someone you used to be. Missing them. Al’s dad said he thought Al did a good job on the guitar solo and everyone should buy him a beer.


So, Lacuna is the idea of a missing piece of memory or a missing piece of text, something that’s gone forever. Another song about memories and thinking about sex. It’s got a good beat.

Mum’s Spaghetti

This one is based on that meme about spaghetti, specifically that version of ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem where all the rhymes are replaced with “spaghetti”.

Summer Rave

This is a song about a really good summer, and knowing you’ll remember it for a long time. It’s a song about how memories are formed at the same time as you’re inside them. When you’re in a moment and remembering it, at the same time.

Find Me In The Water

Written by Al’s brother Doug. It’s about getting away with someone and letting the water wash away the feeling of doubt that accumulates in modern life.

Al – “I really want to do a video for this like ‘Shout’ by Tears For Fears.

‘ZONE’ is out now. Cloud Control will be heading out on a national tour this month. See dates and details below.

Cloud Control ‘Zone’ National Tour

Friday, 22nd September

The Metro, Sydney

Tickets: Ticketek

Saturday, 24th September

The Triffid, Brisbane

Tickets: OzTix

Thursday, 28th September

The Croxton, Melbourne

Tickets: OzTix

Friday, 29th September

The Gov, Adelaide

Tickets: OzTix

Sunday, 1st October

Badlands, Perth

Tickets: OzTix

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