Vlossom's Alister Wright | CREDIT: Cassandra Hannagan/WireImage.

Vlossom Shares Comeback Single ‘Burn3r’

Vlossom – the project of erstwhile Cloud Control frontman Alister Wright – has returned with a new single, entitled ‘Burn3r’. The track marks Wright’s first new music as Vlossom in two years, following the 2022 single ‘Take Another Minute’. It also marks the first music from Vlossom as a solo project – Wright’s former cohort, PNAU‘s Nick Littlemore, has since exited the fold to focus on both PNAU and Empire Of The Sun, who have a new album out at the end of the month.

As such, Wright solely wrote and produced ‘Burn3r’ by himself. In a press statement, Wright noted that the return of Vlossom stemmed from falling both in and out of love with music itself. “This is a story of redemption,” he said. “I got absolutely nailed over the last couple of years, and I didn’t want to make music anymore. ‘Burn3r’ was the soundtrack to my training montage while I was ripping dance moves in the garage. Now I want to share it with my friends, so we can rip it together.”

Vlossom – ‘Burn3r’

Since the release of ‘Take Another Minute’ in 2022, Wright has largely been musically inactive. He has, however, sat in as a touring bassist in the live iteration of Skeleten – the solo project of longtime friend and collaborator Russell Fitzgibbon.

“Vlossom’s been around since 2018 but somehow it feels like a new project to me,” he wrote in an Instagram post last week, reflecting on the five-year anniversary of the project’s debut single ‘Catch Your Breath’. “We had some false starts – the US tour and festivals and supports all got cancelled in the pandemic, and I don’t think we ever really came back… until now.”

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