Dazzle Me This #13 – Broderick’s Four Track Songs

Hello campers! Another week down and it’s been all Halloween, horses and heartache for Katie Dazzle. But heartache of the loveliest kind. My ears have been lucky enough to be privy to the early lo-fi treats of Peter Broderick on his new Type Records release 4 Track Songs.

It’s a mixed bag of 25 tracks, the longest going for 4.22, the shortest just 15 seconds long. Peter Broderick is a composer and muso originally from Oregon, who now divides his time between Berlin and Copenhagen.

This is stuff he actually recorded before releasing the albums Home and Float in 2008 on Bella Union and Type respectively. It’s folky, it’s intense, it’s classical, it’s instrumental, but wait hold on, there’s vocals in there too. It’s high flying and soul searching and smile making and heart breaking and I’ve been lapping it up, like a frightened kitten.

Did I mention that all this stuff was recorded directly on to an el cheapo cassette recorder and delivered to the record company on a hand-labelled CD-R? Fancy trappings eat your heart out.

The saddest songs are my favourite, the literal instrumental piece Piano & Rain (which is actually just piano and the sound of falling rain) feels like Edward Scissorhands is crying, and his tears are splashing on the pavement – when it hit the two minute mark I think my heart actually snapped in two pieces. Shortened Version (A Mistake) is more beautiful gloom, with the addition of violin, but then all of a sudden I feel as light as a helium balloon once For Pop has twanged it’s way into my ears.

Listening to the entire album is like being on a roller-coaster of emotions, and it can get a little distracting because some of the pieces are so short It’s almost like if I’m listening to the album, I’m only listening to the album and can’t do anything else properly while it’s on. Bad thing? Definitely not. Also, do you know how cool Type Records are? If you go to their site, they’ll let you listen to all of Peter Broderick’s tracks – so clever, you’ll definitely want to buy after listening.

Ooh, I just noticed that this is my 13th column, and Friday the 13th is coming up next week too – spookalicious. Not that I’m at all superstitious (lie), but just in case, here’s some lucky tunes to mini-mix to. Adios amigos! X

Eels – Your Lucky Day In Hell

If ever there was a day that you were going to need some luck, a trip to hell would definitely be top of my list. Take that Beelzebub!

[youtube V1ED9ky-ojQ]

Madonna – Lucky Star

I think I should go and buy a $2 scratchie immediately – this song is blooming with four-leaf clover goodness. If I win, you can totally do one of those vox pop TV commercials telling Australia how I scratched myself happy.

[youtube MHOuzJ_Rf1E]

Radiohead – Lucky

This song doesn’t sound very lucky, but what is luck really? A tricky dance of life and love… and dancing to the sound of Thom Yorke’s voice.

[youtube ekn8_tmLrBo]

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