Strum A Note Up In The Wires: Foxx Most Definitely On Fire

Psychedelic dancing, unusual requests of the audience and three hours of awesome tunes…oh so glad I decided to head to R.A.O.B G.A.B  Buffalo Club on Saturday night, and what was waiting for me was Foxx On Fire’s ‘March Into The Sun’ EP Launch.

The band were supported by the amazing Jimmy Hawk & the Endless Party (more on them next week), and Them Swoops, featured on Strum a Note last week.

Foxx on Fire – Paul Housden, Edward Housden and Geno Carrapetta – are now well onto making a name for themselves overseas as well as in Melbourne, basing themselves in the UK (boo for us Melbournians). They’ve been out and about in Melbourne for a good few years now and have been making some pretty sweet tunes together.

Their set at Buffalo Club was quite surreal. An intimate crowd of maybe 30+ squeezed up against the stage as soon as Foxx started playing, drawn to their music like a fly to droplets of a sticky icy pole on a summers day (you like that analogy, awesome yeah). The crowd was asked to show off their best psychedelic dance moves…and man did we ever; at one point the band even got everyone lying on the floor in anticipation of the musical peak of one song, at which the crowd leapt into the air. It felt like what a gig in Alice’s Wonderland might be like if the place actually existed, but in a good way. Fun and surreal.

The heap of tracks Foxx on Fire performed were lengthy and unique, and it seems these guys are very careful when crafting the sound and movement of each track. Their EP, which we got at the door on arrival, has five amazing tracks beginning with ‘March Into the Sun’. Their sound is chilled, psychedelic, and it almost has a 1960’s flower child feel to it at times, and in others more untamed edginess.

Watch: March Into the Sun by Foxx On Fire 

The venue itself is pretty neat. It’s small, simple and very chilled. Comfy couches down the back, tables opposite the bar and a small stage at the far back corner of the room. But more on indie venues later, I’ll devote a post or two to some of the best Melbourne has to offer very soon.

If you’re in Sydney you can catch Foxx On Fire’s EP launch on Friday 3 February at FBi Social Club, before they head back to the UK. See their blog for details

Good luck in big, bad, old London town boys!

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