Fractures Takes You Through His Debut Album ‘Still Here’

Fractures‘ much-anticipated debut album Still Here has officially dropped today. Recorded on the Mornington Peninsula through bouts of nocturnal isolation, Still Here is, according to Fractures a more personal project than his previous releases, his time writing in isolation allowing him to delve further into himself.

Today Fractures is allowing us a glimpse into his process, taking us through a handful of key album tracks and sharing what they represent to him.

Give the record a spin here, and have a read below.

Fractures – Alchemy (Live)

Still Here, The Album

The name probably stems from the fact that I more or less hibernated for the most part of 2015, with very little productive output – at least output that I was ready to put my name to.

I like it specifically for its ambiguity. Still here in the sense that I’m still relevant, still making music, still trying to ply my trade despite my radio silence, and also for the suggestion of stillness in general. Probably referencing the environment I wrote some of the songs in, being a somewhat isolated house down on the Mornington Peninsula where I could write into the depths of night without interruption, which I’ve always found to be much more conducive to the type of music I like to make.

As far as the album as a whole is concerned, I suppose it’s a collection of songs more than a carefully thought out ‘piece’. I tend to jump from song to song stylistically. Once one is finished there’s an expectation I have that the next one be quite disparate in style, which hopefully doesn’t make the album listening experience jarring but for true album enthusiasts mightn’t sit comfortably.

This album is probably a bit more personal than previous releases. I have been able to be a bit more introspective rather than leaning on other people’s stories as stimuli. Having said that, several songs still rely on stories I’ve been made aware of or privy to and have decided are worthy of being spun into a song.

Several songs delve into how my mind works in different contexts. ‘Swallow’ is a song about doubt and how it lingers at all times, for me anyway, especially in what I do and especially given how subjective the music industry is as a whole. The concept can be applied to all aspects of life though, and I think my description is somewhat filtered through hindsight as at the time the doubt I had was a lot more general.

The Songs

Fall Harder

‘Fall Harder’ is someone saying how useless they’d be if the other person left them – in whatever context, relationship or friends, family – and how they’ve taken them for granted and wished they hadn’t, also how integral they are to their lives

Fractures – Fall Harder (Live)

I Don’t Mind

‘I Don’t Mind’ is a song that falls into a make-believe category. How I imagine someone could process jealousy. Lying to themselves about the fact that they’re affected by what another person is doing. Probably set in the context of having lost someone only without proper detachment, with constant reminders of them having moved on whilst the subject hasn’t.


‘Timelines’ is a personal one. At an age (27) in my life where people are settling down, getting married, buying houses, etc, and being the sceptic/pessimist that I am, I tend to sometimes query the genuineness of some of the decisions, whether or not people are doing it for the right reasons or whether it’s simply because it’s what they feel meant to do and the time they’re meant to do it. I guess questioning whether it’s just a part of materiality and social posturing from an early age or if people genuinely feel the need to do these things as a means of affirmation.


As the name implies, it’s about keeping something in. In my case probably things of an emotional nature. I have only a couple of modes and I tend to keep the more vulnerable ones to myself, even to those close to me. Not to say I don’t feel these things but I choose my moments and the way in which I output them to people if I deem it necessary. The song is an exaggeration of this mindset and the feeling of having to falsely represent the right emotion at the right time in order to avoid further questioning.


Despite the somewhat dark mood of the song, it’s actually about feeling more complete with another person, with the raucous middle section more a representation of the nature of a relationship, and the other half of the couple dealing with and nurturing their partner through whatever trials and tribulations might present themselves.


This is an extrapolation of someone else’s story. A long term relationship is suddenly broken off by one-half, the other half caught unawares and it’s from a perspective of the aggrieved feeling as though they’d been cheated and had their time wasted by pouring so much of themselves into something and someone only to have it totally wiped in the shortest fraction of time.


A snapshot of any relationship, lover or friend or otherwise, wherein people can go through or put others through a testing time as result of their actions without jeopardising the whole thing. How the foundation of a relationship can be so strong and the understanding between people so profound that they can weather any calamities that may arise and still provide the support that most people desire.


This is about someone who has dug themselves into a hole and the process of getting themselves out. Mostly trying to overcome the negativity surrounding them in order to rebuild and refresh.

Fractures – Lowcast

‘Still Here’ is out today. Fractures is heading out on an East Coast tour this month. See dates and details below.

‘Still Here’ Album Tour

Tickets on sale now

Friday, 17th February
Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 18th February
Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 24th February
Howler, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

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