Kitty Daisy & Lewis: “We Were A Bit Sceptical About An Outsider Coming In”

The buzz surrounding family band Kitty Daisy & Lewis has been well and truly smouldering over the last few years but it looks set to fully ignite with the release of their new album, Kitty Daisy & Lewis The Third.

Known for their authentic approach to recording music, the new album is the first time the trio brought in an outside producer, in the form of The Clash’s Mick Jones. Kitty Durham says it was important to find someone who understood where they were coming from musically as well as being a fresh set of ears.

“He was just really enthusiastic about everything and there was no negativity. Just having him there kind of lifted our spirits and helped us through it because we argue a lot and it takes forever to get things done, so just having him there was needed.”

After a chance meeting at a gig, Jones was approached to produce the record, but not without some initial trepidation.

“We were a bit sceptical about an outsider coming in. We were not really sure what that would be like but Mick was perfect – I wouldn’t have imagined anyone else. He didn’t take over at all he was just sort of there, just part of it and part of the family, just coming around for a cup of tea and a chat and we just played music.”

They trio recently moved from the spare room setup at their family home to a brand-new custom-built analogue recording space within the confines of a run-down restaurant in London. Kitty giggles but agrees when we suggest the three siblings are audiophiles.

“Lewis actually hand built a microphone which we used on all the tracks, mainly for vocals and a lot of the overdubs and it sounds really great. In the studio we listened to some current music as well so we put on some Beyoncé and Adele and compared our vocal sound to theirs.”

The trio has one of the most unique and exciting sounds happening right now, which Kitty credits to their mother’s record collection and their father’s musical upbringing.

“My Dad comes from a big family in India so he used to play with his brothers and sisters when he was a kid and that old-fashioned traditional way you play music together with your family was a very normal thing, whereas people kind of see it as a weird thing now. They sit around their telly more. I don’t think there’s a piano in every house anymore which is a shame.”

Kitty says the trio will spend the bulk of 2015 on the road playing the new album live, and hopes to return to Australia towards the end of the year.

“I love coming over and we haven’t been in such a long time. I can’t wait to get back over there and play the new songs and see how they go down.”

‘Kitty Daisy & Lewis The Third’ is out now through Shock Records.

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