Marianas Trench – ‘We Just Want To Make People’s Ears Bleed’

Drake and Snoop Dogg know how to give their fans an epic night – just ask Marianas Trench’s Matt Webb.

The lead guitarist of the Canadian pop/punk band has just woken up in the late afternoon after a gigantic night out bouncing at the R&B and hip hop stars’ joint bill in Toronto.

“It’s about 5pm here and I just rolled out of bed,” he said.

“Last night I went and saw Drake and Snoop Dogg, and I’m definitely feeling the results of it.

“It was a funny night – I was right in the middle of a massive group of people, taking advantage of mother nature’s delights.”

And provided he doesn’t have too many of mother nature’s not-so-good-for-you delights, fans can expect to see him firing on all cylinders when Marianas Trench come to Australia next month for the Fat As Butter Festival in Newcastle.

It’s the band’s first trip to our shores, and Webb couldn’t be more amped for the visit.

“I am so, so excited to come down there; we’ve never been there and we’ve got so many Aussie buddies,” he said.

“So I’m dying to get down there and see a couple of cities and have some fun – it’s going to be a wild trip.”

Along with playing at the festival and doing sideshows on the East Coast, Webb is keen to see some of the sights of our country, but there’s nothing specific on his to-do list, nor is he in a rush to fill it.

“It’s kind of like when you go to a movie, I don’t like to watch any previews,” he said.

“Every time I go to a new town I like to go down there and toss myself into whatever trouble I can find.

“Otherwise you make these plans, and plans are stupid. I like rolling with the punches.”

As for when he’s on stage – Webb reckons fans can expect a high-energy set from start to finish.

“Usually we just like to feed off the crowd, really establish the energy live and get lots of people singing,” he said. “I just want to make people’s ears bleed.”

And, Webb said the band hasn’t ruled out some sort of over-the-top entrance to the event either, similar to their annual antics at Canada’s MuchMusic Video Awards.

In the past, the band has arrived in objects such as hot tubs and giant hamster balls.

“We’re hoping to come to the show in a moon lander, then we’ll come down stairs and plant the Canadian flag in the crowd,” he said.

“I’m certain those things exist and I’m sure we have the resources to find them.”

Marianas Trench play at Fat As Butter Festival on September 22 in Newcastle, as well as sideshows in Melbourne on September 24, Brisbane on September 25 and Sydney on September 26. For all the details on the shows click here.

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