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Romy: “I Just Want People to Feel Free and Safe and Have a Great Time”

Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Romy Madley Croft is bringing her Club Mid Air tour to Australia in late December and early January. The tour follows Madley Croft’s debut solo album, Mid Air, which came out in September 2023 under the mononym Romy. The Australian tour includes club shows in Sydney and Melbourne and appearances at the Beyond the Valley and Wildlands festivals.

Romy worked on Mid Air with co-writer and producer Fred Gibson, aka Fred again.., and Madonna collaborator Stuart Price. The album was preceded by the singles ‘Strong’ and ‘Enjoy Your Life’, the latter of which revolves around a hook from ‘La Vita’, a song written by avant-garde musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland and released in 2004 under the pseudonym Phynix.

Romy – ‘Enjoy Your Life’

Ahead of the Australian tour, Music Feeds talks to Romy about hanging out with Robyn, being awed by Beverly Glenn-Copeland, and making her live shows safe spaces for people to let go.

Music Feeds: I’m interested to talk to you about Beverly Glenn-Copeland. A refrain from ‘La Vita’ is central to the songs ‘Mid Air’ and ‘Enjoy Your Life’ on your album. When did you discover Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s work?

Romy: I was introduced to Beverly Glenn-Copeland through Robyn, the artist Robyn, who I’m a huge fan of. I was in Stockholm with Robyn, just hanging out with her, and she said, “Do you want to go to a gig?” And I said, “I’d love to but I don’t know who Beverly Glenn-Copeland is.” But I obviously trust Robyn so I just went along for the ride really.

The gig was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been to. It was such an incredible show. It was an amazing gift that Robyn gave me, not only to bring me along on a night out but also to share all of this incredible music with me.

When I heard Glenn’s song ‘La Vita’, there’s the lyrics, “My mother says to me, ‘Enjoy your life.'” I found that so moving. That stayed with me and I kept thinking about that lyric. I was so grateful that Glenn was happy for me to include it in my song, and not only that, but to allow us to sample his voice. It was important to me to be able to share his voice in the album and really show that that’s where the inspiration is from and that’s his lyrics.

MF: Why do you think that line resonated with you so strongly?

Romy: It makes me think of my mum who died when I was 11. It makes me think about that time and about other experiences of grief I’ve had in my life where I’ve found this moment of extreme clarity. Everything goes into perspective in these sad and shocking moments. It’s like you realise that life is short and, like, I really wanted to make the best of things, but that clarity doesn’t last forever and life goes on and things become challenging.

The lyrics, “My mother says to me, ‘Enjoy your life,'” kind of served me as a check-in with myself and a reminder of my intention to try and see the best in things because life is short. It’s not always easy to remember that so I’m so grateful to Glenn that he encapsulated that quite complicated emotion and feeling that I felt in such a simple and concise sentence.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – ‘La Vita’

MF: What did you hope to express by adapting that line for your song?

Romy: I try to live positively and the song I’ve written is trying to say, I try, and it’s good to try, but it’s not always possible – but it’s the intention that keeps me going. But I didn’t want it to be a song like, “Yeah, everything’s great, enjoy your life.” So, just trying to find the nuance in that was a little bit of a challenge.

MF: Do you think that sentiment – having the intention to enjoy your life but understanding that’s not always easy – is a through line on Mid Air?

Romy: I guess so. I think the reaching for euphoria and joy and these moments to sort of feel a release, but also acknowledging the lows as well, is definitely something that I’m feeling a lot and felt a lot in this album process. I think even subconsciously it’s probably woven into everything as well. I think, for me, dance music and connecting with people helps me to mentally work through stuff.

MF: I imagine it’s liberating to perform these songs live too, even if they explore complex emotions. What’s your vision for the ideal atmosphere at a Romy show?

Romy: Any DJ set or show I do, it’s an invitation to feel that release that the album encourages, but also feel safe to be in your emotions and to really feel it. I would hope that it would feel like a safe space for people, physically and emotionally. That’s definitely what I would like to cultivate.

I think, having found a home and a community in queer clubs in my life, and understanding the power of that, the reason I called my tour “Club Mid Air” is I’d like to find a way to incorporate some of those feelings, those values, into this tour. I just want people to feel free and safe and have a great time.

Romy 2023/24 Australian Tour

  • Saturday, 30th December – Beyond the Valley @ Barunah Plains, Hesse VIC
  • Sunday, 31st December – Wildlands @ Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane QLD
  • Wednesday, 3rd January – Mary’s Underground, Sydney NSW
  • Thursday, 4th January – Max Watt’s, Melbourne VIC
  • Saturday, 6th January – Wildlands @ Claremont Showgrounds, Perth WA

Tickets via Untitled

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