Photo: Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis

Montaigne’s Powerful ‘Ready’ Clip Sees Her Address The Global Climate Crisis

Montaigne has today shared her climate-conscious new clip for her smash single ‘Ready’.

2019 alone has seen more young people, most particularly young artists, engaging in the climate crisis, whether that be through activism or their relevant mode of creativity. Montaigne’s ‘Ready’ clip sees her rallying together the youth of today, our future leaders and innovators to prepare for a revolution amidst the current global climate crisis.

The clip addresses climate change as being at the forefront of a generational concern and through visual elements like colour and dance and a recited poem at the beginning of the clip, those fears are reinforced.

Montaigne says “The video is supposed to be a celebration and most importantly encouragement towards the school strikes for climate. Ready is dedicated to young people who are not yet jaded and worn down by the realities of this world.

“Those who inspire us with the fire of anger against injustice so that we may be galvanised to stand up and demand what is right from our world leaders.” 

It ends with a quote from Kurt Cobain, poignantly saying “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”

Montaigne is celebrating a few milestones this week, with the single also recently reaching the #1 most played song on triple j status. The world is just weeks out from hearing her second record, Complex.

Watch the video for ‘Ready’ in full below.

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