Muscles – Discovering His Manhood

Muscles has a straight-to-the-point message for those who are curious about his upcoming second album – don’t expect Guns, Babes and Lemonade Part 2.

But then again, when it’s taken you five years to churn out a follow-up to your debut, you’d be kind of expecting it to sound a tad diffferent, right?

“It’s been five years since the last album and I’ve spent the last two years making it, so it’s as if I’ve gone from the grass roots back up again.” he said.

“It’s more like me growing as a producer and as a songwriter, and I figure my fanbase has grown five years as well.”

As we chat, Muscles – aka Chris Copulos – is chilling in a plane lounge with a latte and a gin and tonic in hand waiting for a flight back to Melbourne, filling me in on his partying exploits around Brazil with his former booking agent.

Attention then shifts to his upcoming album Manhood – which is out on June 15.  It’s his first release since his Younger and Immature EP in 2010 – and, like a public relations superstar, he covers all the bases regarding the process of putting it together in a consecutive burst of comments.

“I didn’t want to make Guns, Babes and Lemonade Part 2,” he said.

Guns, Babes and Lemonade was very pop, so I was like, I can’t get any more pop, I’ve just got to get weirder or experiment more but not stray too far from what people expect from me.

“There’s three tracks that go over six minutes that are like psychedelic jams, then there’s trademark Muscles rave tunes, and then this new breed of songs with guitars and live drums.”

Muscles is quick to reassure those who have alarm bells going off in their heads about the guitars and drums, that he’s not going down the tropical/80s sounding-route.

“It’s really progressive house and metallic disco and there’s some live percussion, but it’s not tropical.

“There’s so many bands doing 80’s songs and 80’s sounds, and that’s something I don’t do. I pushed myself to do something different.”

Fans will get their first chance to hear the new tunes at Groovin’ The Moo next month – where Muscles will be debuting his new live show.

And typically, it’s shaping up to be a crazy, colourful and extravagant experience.

“There’s three main things; one is special Muscles sunglasses I’m getting made with some crazy lighting, they change colours and flash with the beat of the music,” he said.

“They’re really high tech and will be connected to all these wires and my keyboard.”

“The other is something I’ll be wearing on stage, which I can’t really tell you about…and we’ve also got a set-closing piece we’re calling the ‘Muscles Dome’. It’s a huge thing that will come around me made of triangles and filled with crazy stuff.”

“I’m just stretching myself and seeing how much I can do on stage and being more interactive; everything from playing my iPhone with my toes is in there.”

Manhood is out June 15.  Muscles plays Groovin’ The Moo next month and Splendour In The Grass in July.  He’ll also be doing his own headline tour around the country in June.  For all the info click here.

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