Music Feeds Podcast Episode #18 – Horrorshow

Aussie hip-hop duo Horrorshow have been silencing critics of Australian hip-hop since their inception back in 2006. The pair consist of Nick Bryant-Smith a.k.a. MC Solo and Adit Gauchan, who together make up one of Down Under’s most talented, creative, lyrically dense and musically original rhyme crews. Frontman MC Solo brought his gift of gab to us recently when he sat down for the latest Music Feeds Podcast.

Solo gave us some hints as to what fans can be expecting on Horrorshow’s upcoming tour, as they promote their latest LP King Amongst Many, released on iconic Aussie hip hop label Elefant Traks last month. The band are currently prepping for the tour and working out ways to incorporate “Adit’s musicality” into the live show, with live synths and instruments on stage.

The crew are eager to get on the road and play to fans and you can hear all their plans and thoughts for the tour and the new album below, or go mobile with it and download it as a podcast right here.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #18 – Horrorshow

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