Music Feeds Podcast Episode #52 – Steel Panther

Lords of cock rock Steel Panther are currently in the country on their ‘Spreading The Disease (STD) Tour‘ with Fozzy and Buckcherry. Before they left their beloved LA to come to our fair land, we caught up with drummer Stix Zadinia for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast.

“Things are fucking good. It’s my last days before I split for Australia so I’m kind of scattered a little bit,” Stix told us as he was packing for Australia. He then ran through he is pre-tour ritual, which includes packing “three sets of headphones” and preparing his “pill count for the entire tour.”

Stix then broke down what keeps Steel Panther returning to Australia, saying, “The people that come to the Steel Panther shows and just the rock and roll fans in Australia in general are fucking amazing. I’m not just saying that for this interview, I tell people here in the States.”

He also gave us a few behind-the-scenes details on the band’s characteristically over-the-top music video for Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World, revealing that Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte left an awards ceremony to appear in the clip, wearing his formal ceremony attire in the video.

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Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #52 – Steel Panther (Stix Zadinia)

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