PREMIERE: Adelaide Rockers Mad Cactus Take Us Clubbing In South East Asia With New Belter ‘Just Like The Movies’

Adelaide alt-rockers Mad Cactus are firing out new singles like machine gun bullets, unleashing their latest track ‘Just Like the Movies’ on us today.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the music video for the band’s fresh belter explores the “curious phenomenon” of older men travelling to South East Asia to meet and marry younger women.

Frontman Tim Mellonie explains: “Since my early twenties I’ve been traveling to South East Asia, backpacking across countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Charismatic yet terrifying… that part of the world is limitless in its ability to captivate and inspire.

“It’s so close to home yet so very different to our way of life back here in Australia,” he continues. “Throughout my travels, one theme has continued to fascinate me. Men from all corners of the earth travel thousands of kilometres to meet and marry the local women, sometimes girls that are one third their age.

“Now don’t get me wrong, people in this part of the world are particularly attractive and in many cases, these relationships do stand the test of time. But the simple fact is, the overwhelming majority don’t and often end under catastrophic circumstances. ‘Just Like the Movies’ explores this idea, taking you to the ‘front line’ of the bars and nightclubs that facilitate this curious phenomenon.”

Mad Cactus is the new project from Life Pilot’s Jake Long, and their debut album Thirteen Dogs is due out this Friday, 15th June.

Catch the official music video for Just Like The Movies premiering via Music Feeds below.


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