PREMIERE: Fountaineer Ponder Australian Escapism In The Video For ‘Jayco Dreaming’

On ‘Jayco Dreaming’, Bendigo pop curiosities Fountaineer sing of yearning for simple times, for intrepid geographical spontaneity, and the inevitable clash between that desire and day-job monotony.

Today, we’re premiering the song’s low-budget (“under $28”, according to the band) music video. The retro-futurist clip for ‘Jayco Dreaming’ is the perfect complement to the track, a mix of jangly guitars and lo-fi electronics that asks, “What happens, baby, when we get bored of the city?”,  suggesting a caravan expedition or a move to Japan.

It all culminates with a refrain that epitomises the track’s spirit of disentanglement  – “Daring to dream in Australia”.

“We really wanted to sing the word ‘Australia’ in an un-ironic, tender way; like the way LCD Soundsystem can sing about America and the American dream so earnestly,” say Fountaineer about the song.

“The song is a wrestle between the natural-born-nutter on your left shoulder who wants to kick out and leave the rat race, versus the seemingly calm desk-job-daydreamer on your right who is trying to pay the bills. Maybe somewhere in the middle is where you can be truly happy. Would a year in a caravan really fix everything? I’m not sure.

“Here’s the video for our brand new release Jayco Dreaming; another big-budget Fountaineer production and a contender for the ARIA for Best Music Video Under $28.”

Watch the video for ‘Jayco Dreaming’ below.

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