PREMIERE: Limp Bizkit Meets Paramore On Heavy New Banger From Sydney’s RedHook

‘Turn Up the Stereotype’ is RedHook‘s latest single and it hits hard.

A two-minute energy rush, ‘Turn Up the Stereotype’ sees this Sydney outfit launch crushing riffs as vocalist Emmy Mack spirals in fits of melodic rage.

‘Turn Up the Stereotype’ is a feeling, uncomfortable and liberating all at the same time. The slight relief that comes with putting words to the problem (or in this case screaming it from the top of the lungs).

How would the band put it in their own terms? Well, “I wrote this song because I was pissed off,” Mack explains.

The song’s vocals carry the sentiment best. “I might be a fuck up, but at least my fuck ups are original,” spits Mack. Infection, malfunction and toxicity. The system – your system – is broken. There’s a kind of internal devastation that the track’s glitchy touches of production more than readily put across.

But that’s not to say it’s all abrasive. There are some playful touches of pop here too which draw this track closer to classic Paramore.

Piercing simplicity and ferocious snarl, RedHook is heavy.

RedHook fans will be joining the band in celebrating the new tracks’ release in Sydney this Saturday 27th October at a sold out live launch at AM//PM. The band will also perform as part of Australian Music Week’s curated four-band heavy music showcase at Cronulla’s Miranda Hotel on Thursday, 8th November. Head here for tickets.

First though, sink your teeth into ‘Turn Up the Stereotype’ right here.

Just FYI, RedHook singer Emmy Mack is also a treasured part of the writing squad here at Music Feeds!

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