Photo: Eva B. Ross

PREMIERE: Marinelli Wants Nothing But Alone Time With New Single ‘Christmas’

2020 marks the year Marinelli stepped out from behind the shadows and into the spotlight as a solo artist. Now, he has kept the streak going with new single ‘Christmas’ and he’s ruminating in his solitude.

Written off the back of being alone across holidays where love and romance are everywhere, like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, ‘Christmas’ puts Marinelli’s stunning vocals front and centre. But, despite the sombre lyrical content, the production – also done by Marinelli – gives off an etherealness akin to Arcade Fire or Sigur Ros.

“This song is about the ebb and flow between loneliness and solitude,” Marinelli said of the song in a press statement.

“I wrote the line “Don’t kiss me, I have a cold/it’s New Year’s Eve and I feel old” on the beach on New Year’s Eve this year when I was watching all my friends in relationships kiss each other when I was alone.

“I wrote the line about Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day as well! The verses are more about the frustration of feeling lonely and misunderstood. The confusing thing is that most people feel that way and that doesn’t seem to bring us together.”

Listen to ‘Christmas’ below.

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