PREMIERE: Montana Sharp Takes You To The Circus With ‘Greenhouse’

Montana Sharp has unveiled a double whammy, giving us her maximalist debut single ‘Greenhouse’ and an equally theatrical music video along with it.

The song is haunting and beautiful, as Sharp’s voice reaches glass-shattering highs without faltering for a second. The video matches the stunningly eerie vibe of the song, as Sharp distressfully rides a carousel with slack-jawed faces looking on in awe.

“The metaphorical ‘greenhouse’ was once a fantastical sanctuary to seek refuge from the outside, but now it is safe outside and the protagonist is locked inside a madhouse,” Sharp says of the song in a press statement.

“I wrote this song at a very disturbed point in my life, engaging in a conversation with those self-protective mechanisms – but the song takes on a whole new meaning in 2020 with the coronavirus.  We’re all retreating to our ‘greenhouses’ to keep safe from the outside – but now we’re stuck inside.”

Linking the themes of the video with the meaning of the song, Sharp explains, “The protagonist is chained to the carousel while onlookers gaze in awe, ride and dance on the carousel, and then are ultimately free to leave.

“The protagonist wakes up and discovers she is also free to leave, but finds herself unable to – she’s stuck on the carousel.”

Watch the video for ‘Greenhouse’ below.

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