PREMIERE: Sage Stuns With Ethereal Debut ‘From Dust’

Few artists have the ability to sing with such fragility and delicacy yet still command all corners of your mind, and even fewer artists can do it on their debut. However, that’s exactly what Sage achieves on her debut single ‘From Dust’.

Her voice feels carried by the wind itself as it swirls around her magnificent work on the cello on ‘From Dust’, and it’ll have you hanging on her every word.

Speaking of the song, Sage says that it’s about “soulmates, innocence, memories and endless love.”

“It’s one of those miracle songs that was written in no time at all by myself in my run-down apartment. When I sing this song, I think about the movie Stardust. At the end of the film the two star-crossed lovers, having lived a full and beautiful life together, pass away and become stars in the sky, their love living on forever and shining over everyone. There’s longing involved, but also hope.”

Watch the video for ‘From Dust’ below. The single will appear on Sage’s forthcoming EP, Tethered, out February 27.

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