PREMIERE: Vast Hill’s ‘Oblivion’ Is All Glitz & Glamour

After sharing their stellar debut ‘Heartbreaker’ with us not too long ago, Sydney’s Vast Hill are premiering their brand spankin’ new single, ‘Oblivion’ and its accompanying video clip via Music Feeds today.

The duo are currently gearing up to release their debut record, More Than You Imagined. It’s set to be in our hot little hands on October 19 and features an all-star cast of FROYO’s Michael Chow, Luke Million and Steve Smart on the record’s production, mixing and mastering.

The record will detail the colourful and evocative world build by Vast Hill members Elle Kress and Adin Milo. They’ll traverse themes like heartache and yearning through their glitzy, 80’s throwback sound. ‘Oblivion’ is the perfect example of this, the group saying:

“’Oblivion’ is about the struggle of being with someone well past its ‘due-date’. You’re both exhausted, fighting over every little thing and just as its about to be let go, you both unwillingly try [to] give it another go. There’s also that moment when you just sit there waiting and hoping for that old feeling to come back.”

The clip was filmed in Goros, Surry Hills – the perfect place to capture that low-light, Japanese vibe the band were after. Of the clip’s vibe, they said “We really love Japanese stuff – the movies, the style, the food…so we wanted to do a kinda homage by having us as strangers in Japan. Kinda like Lost In Translation – hence why we went for a karaoke bar.”

“We also wanted to the video in slow motion from start to finish to convey that dreamy atmosphere similar to the song. We filmed the video clip at Goros in Surry Hills. They are the nicest people in our world at the moment, because they let us quietly film and try to act invisible while guests were coming in. We had the mastermind Michael Chow behind the lens again for our second video clip – he immediately understood our vague vision and sent us the first edit – which is the version you’ll see today.”

Sink your teeth into Vast Hill’s ‘Oblivion’ clip below.

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