Sampology – The End Of The World Is Nigh, Let’s Dance!

Paul Ridge aka Drapht once posed the question: ‘If I had a different name, would my life be different?’. Well for Sam Poggioli aka Sampology that query may be a poignent one. If it weren’t for the young DJ’s namesake, would Poggioli have invented such a solid stage name that is increasingly becoming synonymous with a unique form of stage performance.

Like all turntable technicians, Poggioli is physically restricted by the constant attention required from his predominately stationary equipment, leading to a situation where technical proficiency often comes at the expense of a more visually engaging show. Some have sought to overcome this visible limitation via various tricks or distractions, but for Poggioli the mechanical attentive of his musical trade has allowed the Brisbane-based artist to indulge in another creative outlet.

Under the moniker of Sampology, Poggioli has created a series of Audio Visual shows that are as optically entertaining as they are audibly engaging. Simultaneously manipulating music and visual images via his decks, Poggioli has pieced together 2010’s Super Visual Smackdown (paying tribute to Hulk Hogan) and 2011’s Super Visual Monster Mash (which matched movies like Teen Wolf with music like Daft Punk).

Now in 2012 with the world fast approaching its supposed predicted end, Sampology is back on the road providing a danceable soundtrack to our inevitable doom with his latest show Super Visual Apocalypse, that is, unless Bruce Willis can save us all.

“Once I came up with the idea that ‘2012, End of the World’ was going to be the main theme, Bruce Willis was just the obvious choice”, Poggioli reveals. “I like using main hero characters in the shows… No one really does it like Bruce and there’s only one Bruce Willis, so I had to pick him.”

For most of us the end of the world probably wouldn’t be something we’d readily celebrate, but for Poggioli the apocalypse is the ultimate reason to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

“I wanted to take that theme of the end of the world and people stressing out and that kind of thing and just flip it on its head and not put it in like a doom and gloom kind of show”, Poggioli admits. “It’s more just a ridiculous kind of thing taking the piss out of the fear around the end of the world.”

Considering the trailer for Super Visual Apocalypse is titled Bruce Willis vs The Cat Apocalypse, it’s obvious that Poggioli is prepared to laugh in the face of danger, much like the many flippant but capable characters Willis has portrayed throughout his career.

“I don’t aim to make…an arty chin-stroking show at all”, Poggioli points out. “It’s something you can still very much dance to; you can party and it’s very humorous… I use humour all the way through the show and I’m taking things you might have seen before, might have heard before, and kind of flipping them and using them in a completely different way.”

However, not all the material in Super Visual Apocalypse is comprised of other people’s work. Sampology has just released his debut record Doomsday Deluxe on June 1, 2012. Informed by the same themes that run throughout his current show, Doomsday Deluxe is a slightly more sombre look at the end of days, as can be heard on lead single Stars, but also still displays Poggioli’s penchant for levity, as evident on track Attack of the Cats.

Some of the original work has been integrated into Super Visual Apocalypse, but Poggioli assures those familiar with his sets that the show is still an amalgamation of material befitting the heroic antics of Bruce Willis.

“I wrote the album… (Doomsday Deluxe), but the way I’m incorporating that in the show is… I’m still for the majority using (other) people’s tracks and manipulating them, but I’ve incorporated the album through the set… It’s not like I’m just playing 100% my music, which was something I never intended to do.”

“This show in particular…there is a kind of storyline to it. An apocalyptic end of the world kind of 2012 theme is kind of the main vibe to it, and Brue Willis features all the way thought it, and he’s kind of saving the world from ridiculous things.”

Sampology – Super Visual Apocalypse Tour Dates

Thursday, May 31st

The Basement, Geelong

Friday, 1st June

The Prince (with Craze & Codes), Melbourne

Saturday, 2nd June

Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Friday, 8th June

Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney

Saturday, 9th June

The Bakery, Perth

Sunday, 10th June

Oh Hello!, Brisbane

Friday, 15th June

The Stables, Cambridge, NZ

Saturday, 16th June

Sick Disco @ Cassette Nine, Auckland, NZ

Thursday, 21st June

Wollongong Uni, Wollongong

Friday, 22nd June

King Street Hotel, Newcastle

Saturday, 23rd June

Trinity, Canberra

Thursday, 28th June

Southern Cross Uni, Lismore

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