Soapbox Summer & Uncorrected – Double the Shenanigans

Soapbox Summer and Uncorrected forged a bond that saw the two band engage in a musical marriage that is a split EP. To celebrate their union and consequential offering, the boys are launching it Saturday 12th March at SFX. ….It’s a marriage made in heaven!!!

Music Feeds: Tell us about the new EP?

Soapbox Summer: It’s a revolutionary piece of audio entertainment. Lab tested. Genetically engineered. Water resistant. 100% pure cotton. And ribbed for her pleasure!

Uncorrected: The EP is sounding so good. The mixture between Uncorrected and Soapbox Summer works really well together

MF: How did the double launch come about?

SS: NASA had to cut funding. But we were doing a split EP, so it just made sense to launch together.

U: Well it’s something as a band we have always wanted to do and the time just felt right. I knew of the band Soapbox Summer and when we were shooting our music video we ran it by them and they were totally up for it

MF: Talk us through the recording process?

SS: Port. Drunken gang vocals. Broken chicken strings. Naked skateboarding. Energy drinks x 457,437,689,532. Cat food. Some producer with computers fixing all our shitty tracks.

U: The recording was done at different studios but mixing was done at the same place…the slight difference in sound on the EP compliments each band really well

MF: Which bands have influenced your sound?

SS: New Found Glory, Hit the Lights, Blink 182, Allister, Boy George, Morris Day and the motherfucking Time, and the early works of Dietrich von Bausznern. Or as we affectionately call him “Da Baus”.

U: Well it’s weird cause I’m a massive Blink 182 fan and big fans of Yellowcard, Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember etc but the others are all massive Metallica, KISS, As I Lay Dying fans etc so with all that in mind it pretty much explains Uncorrected and the breakdowns and solo etc haha

MF: What’s the best thing about each other’s bands?

SS: The end of their set. (for real)

U: Haha Soapbox are very entertaining and you can tell they have heaps of fun and it just makes you happy watching them 😉

MF: Who has the best songs on the EP?

SS: SKYWAY!(????)

U: I could say Uncorrected has the best EP but Soapbox is on it as well so we both have the best EP’s haha

MF: The launch is happening at SFX what can punters expect form the show?

SS: A whole bunch of nudity. Bananas. Whipped cream. And terrible pop punk. Brad Smith giving dudes hickeys. It’s always a party at SFX!

U: Yes SFX on the 12th, going to be a massive full of energy, rude joking, musical bliss combination of fun so get down and party with us or miss out in the best SFX show this year

MF: If you were to make a mix tape, what would be the first song you’d put on there?

SS: Dead or AliveBon Jovi. I’m wanted (WAAAAANTEEEDD!) dead or alive!

U: The 1st song my mix tape would be Wasting Time by Four Year Strong

Soapbox Summer and Uncorrected launch their EP at SFX March 12th with Midnight Horizon opening up proceedings.


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