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Speed Round: Getting to Know Perth Singer and Producer Jarrod Jeremiah

Jarrod Jeremiah is a 20-year-old Indian-Australian singer and producer working at the seams of pop, R&B and hip hop music. Jeremiah’s new EP, IM-MATURE, is a showcase of the young artist’s blossoming creativity. The record features the recent single ‘Hold My Hand’, a gospel-tinged pop song featuring Jeremiah’s sister JORDANE on backing vocals. The EP’s lead single, ‘THROWAWAY’, is a collaboration with Perth hip hop artist CHISEKO.

To coincide with the release of IM-MATURE, Music Feeds speaks to Jarrod Jeremiah about what makes his music tick and what artists he looks up to.

Jarrod Jeremiah: IM-MATURE

Music Feeds: ‘Hold My Hand’ has a reflective tone. Are earlier times in your life something you look to often for lyrics?

Jarrod Jeremiah: In many previous songs, I have spoken about things I find trivial and just fun overall, such as chilli chips or coffee. However, after reflection, I wanted to show off my artistry and not in the way most people show it (i.e., love songs). I think by looking back on my life, it shows me reaching a state of mind where I am capable of self-reflection but also reminds me to keep living in a child-like fashion. The whole EP is a reflection on my life.

MF: You’ve spoken about avoiding overwrought stories and focusing on what you know best, your own life, as inspiration. What inspired that state of mind?

Jarrod: People often say I am immature. They aren’t wrong – if you spent a day with me, you’d notice how much I act like a child. But what inspired this state of mind was always wanting to tell a story that’s true to me, something that isn’t made to be the most relatable story, rather it’s made to be the most revealing – revealing my quirks, my personality and my life through cheeky, playful and feel-good songs.

MF: The massed vocals on ‘Hold My Hand’ are gorgeous. Was it always the plan to have something like that on the track?

Jarrod: Yes. It’s always my plan and dream to have quasi-gospel vocals on my tracks. I love the group room chanting feeling that massed vocals bring.

Jarrod Jeremiah – Hold My Hand

MF: What was it like working with your sister JORDANE and Calvin Bennet? 

Jarrod: Over the years, my sister and I have had many attempts at creating music together – me producing and her singing in a sort of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS dynamic. Unfortunately, most of those attempts resulted in us screaming at each other in our parents’ guest room. She recently moved to Melbourne, so I just sent her the song and she recorded the chorus and sent it back. Honestly, it saved us lots of fights.

Calvin Bennet was an absolute pleasure to work with. His musical knowledge and ability to move on the go is insane, and dare I say he is one of the best producers in Perth.

MF: What about the Perth scene should people get into?

Jarrod: In general, I think people and industry personnel really need to stop underestimating WA artists. I see many artists having to move over east for opportunities. It would be great if the Australian music scene really got around the immense talent here. Some of my faves include Adam Ricci, Jewel Owusu, NAMESAKE and Mali Jo$e.

MF: Are there other artists that you’ve got your eyes on for collaboration in the future? Anyone you’d love to get in the studio with?

Jarrod: There are lots. In Australia, people like PRICIE, Genesis Owusu, Jerome Farah and Kian would be amazing. I think we could create some really amazing things together in the studio.

Worldwide, there are definitely some UK jazz rappers like Loyle Carner and of course my role models like Tom Misch, Anderson .Paak, and Jacob Collier. I am very in love with that sound right now.

MF: There’s a laid-back vibe to a lot of your output. Is that something you want to impress upon people? Leave them feeling better after listening to your tracks than before they went in?

Jarrod: One hundred per cent. I just love having fun and feeling good when listening to music, so that’s what I want people to feel when they listen to my music. It’s funny, because my personality is what I am trying to make my music – unexpected, playful, and loud.

  • Jarrod Jeremiah’s IM-MATURE EP is out now.

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