Sydonia ‘Reality Kicks’ Tour Diary: 10th May, Espy-Adelaide

The Espy

‘How long is a piece of string?’ is an annoying rhetorical question that is meant to put the onus of determining just how long a hypothetical piece of string is or is meant to be, according to your own piece-of-string needs. Either way, the answer is clearly, “Twice its length from the middle,” so shut up, you smarmy dingbat!

Concerning our first show at The Espy, it was something else. It was also our first show at The Espy. If you were there: thank-you, ’cause clearly you weren’t somewhere else, and you were great. The fact that the room was steaming hot on a cold, windy evening is testament to our hungry fans, who’d formed a writhing pit of anticipation and participation.

Bateria drummers ESPY 3 MAY credit Gary Roberston

In hindsight, they probably should’ve got themselves a nice meal in the restaurant beforehand, but that’s beside the point. Or is it? It is, and let us never mention it again. That restaurant is alright. We liked the Mexican platter.

The set was the ultimate dessert – really, really sweet. We had a chance to give out the crowdfunding rewards to some of our fans, we played songs requested by the crowd, we had Adam Shahine sing Taste More with us, Anthony played Crash Here Tonight on guitar, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Amanda Drake, and even played bateria with 20 other skin-whackers. It was a cracker of an evening.

Did we mention string and steaminess?


We all met at drummer Sean‘s house in the wee hours of Saturday morning to head off to Adelaide. We just got a new trailer and we were playing Tetris in the rain on a slippery road, it was good fun. We stopped in our favourite stopover on the way to the Adelaide town of Keith where we refuelled with pastry goods and caffeine.

SYDONIA Keith Stopover 10 may

We arrived in Adelaide at our friends Liz and Dave‘s house, who kindly fed and put us up for the night, and also provided fun shenanigans post-gig! Cheers, guys.

We drove to Enigma Bar, met-up and hugged it out with our tour buddies Red Bee, who had travelled all the way from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales – epic drive, they unfortunately broke down on the way back, about four hours away from home, poor buggers.

SYDONIA Adelaide silly dana 1 10 may

SYDONIA Adelaide silly dana 2 10 may

We played to a great and receptive crowd. Something in the mixing desk blew and the room filled up with a plastic smell and lots of smoke. Lots of ‘We’re on fire’ and ‘Burning down the house’ jokes followed.

SYDONIA Adelaide 10 may

After a few hours sleep, we began our journey back to Melbourne with another short stop-off for pastry goods and caffeine at St George’s Bakehouse – a favourite of ours, check it out, rad pies. Sean farted about two dozen times on the way back, it was a flatulence holocaust, and he laughed every single time.

We had a great time in Radelaide and we’re keen to get back on the road for the rest of the dates!

Watch: Sydonia – Reality Kicks

Sydonia will continue their ‘Reality Kicks’ tour at the Rock For Rob Z! Festival at Waves in Wollongong tonight, see more details below.

Sydonia Australian Tour Dates

Saturday, 3rd May

The Espy, Gershwin Room, Melbourne

Saturday, 10th May

Enigma Bar, Adelaide

Thursday, 15th May

The Basement, Canberra

Friday, 16th May

Rock For Rob Z! Festival, Waves, Wollongong

Tix: Sydonia Website

Saturday, 17th May

The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Tix: Sydonia Website

Friday, 23rd May

Crowbar, Brisbane

Tix: Sydonia Website

Saturday, 24th May

Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast

Tix: Sydonia Website

Sunday, 25th May

Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

Tix: Sydonia Website

Friday, 6th June

Musicman Megastore, Bendigo

Tix: Sydonia Website

Saturday, 7th June

Renmark hotel, Renmark

Tix: Sydonia Website

Friday, 4th July

Amplifier Bar, Perth

Tix: Sydonia Website

Saturday, 5th July

Elliot St Bar, Bunbury

Tix: Sydonia Website

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