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Ten Songs That Influenced Nick & June’s ‘Beach Baby, Baby’ EP

German indie pop duo Nick & June are back with their first new music in half a decade. The new single, ‘Anything But Time’, is the first taste of Suzi-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf’s forthcoming EP, Beach Baby, Baby. It’s the pair’s first release since their 2017 LP, My November My.

Beach Baby, Baby was recorded in Nick & June’s home studio in Munich. ‘Anything But Time’ came together during the depths of COVID lockdown. It was a time of considered reflection for Kraft and Wolf, and a time during which they embraced their dearest influences. Here, Nick & June run through ten songs that inspired ‘Anything But Time’ and Beach Baby, Baby.

Nick & June – ‘Anything But Time’

Sharon Van Etten – ‘Every Time the Sun Comes Up’ 

Really cool drums, really cool bass, fantastic lyrics. This Sharon Van Etten song really inspires in so many different ways and hits right, whether you’re in a good mood or a bad mood.

Beach House – ‘Take Care’

One of our biggest influences is definitely Beach House. Reverb guitars, relaxed drum machines and floating synths. Teen Dream is one of our absolute favourite albums.

The Kinks – ‘Waterloo Sunset’

The harmonies and choirs were put together so beautifully. We’re still trying to get there.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Brooklyn Baby’

When we made the decision to record the EP very lo-fi in a home studio, we wanted to picture these short, fleeting moments of reflection that you can drift to and slow dance to. Who perfectly captures this vibe and is therefore a big influence? Lana Del Rey, of course.

Bon Iver – ‘Blindsided’

There were days on tour we drove through the night listening to this Bon Iver record over and over and over again.

SoKo – ‘Time Waits For No One’

SoKo has that special talent, where it doesn’t need more than an organ and a wispy voice to break your heart and feel feelings.

David Bowie – ‘Starman’

Kinda obvious to pick, because we did a cover of the song for Beach Baby, Baby. But still, it’s the one that blows your mind; it’s sketchy and angry and hilarious. David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust is a masterpiece.

Elliott Smith – ‘A Fond Farewell’

Elliott Smith was again important for us in the recording progress. We love his double tracking vocal recordings, his gloomy sound and Beatles harmonies.

St. Vincent – Prince Johnny

Annie Clark is such an unpredictable artist. She gets me every time, even if it takes some time. She’s really the one who forces me to try new things in music because of her songs.

Silver Jews – Send in the Clouds

We have always loved David Berman’s songs and lyrics, but have a kind of bizarre relationship. Our last long player, My November My, deals with depression and suicide and the last track of the album – after the protagonist kills himself – alludes to the “so-called monsters” from the song ‘Send in the Clouds’ and references a line. A short time later, David Berman took his own life. So, it’s still strange to sing this song in concerts.

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