Strum A Note Up In The Wires: The Bon Scotts – TheUn-AC/DC Kind

Indie/pop, folk/rock, you can’t really put a tag on the incredibly distinct sound of my pick for this week’s Strum a Note, The Bon Scotts. And no no no, they’re no cover band!

A small crowd of seven, The Bon Scott’s melodic and infectious sound is a unique mix of traditional folk instruments giving so much character and playfulness to every song, boisterous group vocals and clever, sometimes cheeky lyrics.

The Bon Scotts played the St Kilda Festival in Melbourne at the beginning of this year, and while it seemed a very tiny stage which didn’t do the outfit of seven justice – seven musicians need major stage space! – they did deliver an awesome performance.

The band already have two albums up their sleeve. In 2010 they released their debut Oddernity with indie label Popboomerang Records, touring the album around the country. They have since released We Will Die At The Hands Of C.G.I in October this year. Both are awesome little gems which you can listen to and buy in digital or CD form via this link http://thebonscotts.bandcamp.com/album

The Bon Scotts are already award winners, the beginning of many I hope! Front man (pseudonym Robert Zimmerman, obviously a Bob Dylan fan for those of you who know that Bob isn’t ‘Bob’. If you didn’t, sorry to ruin it for you), on behalf of the band, has been awarded the Australia Council for the Arts grant for composing and arranging new work (in music) in February this year, and the Arts Victoria Grant for Presentation and Promotion in 2010.

Video (The Kids are Coming by The Bon Scotts)

The Bon Scotts really are a unique band with an enchantingly playful and energetic sound. I hope you enjoy getting into their music as much as I have. And for the love of Bon Scott make sure that during your travels you check them out the next time they’re gigging around your town!

Listen: Polluted Sea by The Bon Scotts

Visit the band here http://thebonscotts.com/

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