Twelve Foot Ninja’s Stevic MacKay Talks Rambo, Jesus, Fantasy Novels & Their Colossal New Album ‘Vengeance’

Twelve Foot Ninja have been busier than the cat burying shit on concrete. Not only are the Melbourne metal fusion masters just about to unleash a brand new album dubbed Vengeance this Friday, they’ve also chucked in an 1100 page high-fantasy novel dubbed The Wyvern And The Wolf, which was written by author Nicholas Snelling, for good measure.

The massive multi-media project is par for the course for the ARIA-nominated act, who continue to dick-punch the boundaries of what a metal band should rightfully be capable of.

Music Feeds caught up with frontman Stevic MacKay, whose brain also functions as Twelve Foot Ninja’s creative engine room, to chat about the new record, revenge movies, Jesus, the easter bunny and more.

Peep the chat below, and you can also catch the band performing live at Australia’s newly announced Uncaged festival this summer, following on from their East Coast headlining shows in January.

Music Feeds: The New Album, Vengeance, is out this Friday – what’s the most UNEXPECTED element of the record that people won’t see coming?

Stevic MacKay: We used miniaturisation tech from 1987 to shrink ourselves in a microscopic, submersible pod…For one lucky listener; we’re going to catapult ourselves into their head.

MF: Speaking of Vengeance, what’re your favourite revenge flicks?

SM: Robocop, Commando, Rambo, Under Seige, Kickboxer.

MF: It’s absolutely fair to say that you are busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest. A Fantasy Novel, A graphic novel, an album, a video game, tour dates, festivals, filmclips and more – how did you fit all of this in in the past few years?

SM: In an elaborate ruse; we obtained weapons grade plutonium from Libyan terrorists which we fashioned into a time machine to zap back and forward through time; essentially staying still. That, and a severe caffeine addiction.

MF: Tatiana from Jinjer features on the last single and videoclip – was she up for the Twelve Foot Ninja antics and did she bring ideas for humour to the table as well?

SM: I don’t think she quite knew what she was getting into until she saw the finished clip. Too late now!

MF: What’s it like having fans who look out for Easter Eggs in your videoclips (e.g. Kin’s arm from Sick in the lake in the Over & Out clip) and are there things that people have missed/not found yet in clips?

SM: There’s a biblical quantity of easter eggs… And we all know the story about Jesus and the easter bunny.

MF: What’s the best way to administer Dream Gravy?

SM: Door Goblin “aka Dream Demon” will only accept it on a finger you fucking pervert.

MF: Who would win in an all-out, no-holds-barred battle royale between Kiyoshi the Twelve Foot Ninja, the Dream Demon, The Old Bastard, the Troll, Ferret and the Sickos, and Uncle Brusnik?

SM: Kiyoshi would mutilate all of them in horrific ways.

MF: How does this record differ from previous Ninja records?

SM: The biggest way this record differs from the other records is this record has completely different songs on it. I guess that’s something we pride ourselves on because it would be way easier to just release the other record again, and just call it something else.

Twelve Foot Ninja’s new album ‘Vengeance’ is out this Friday, 15th October.

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