Jimi Hendrix


Slash Names His Top 12 Guitarists Of All Time

Noted Guns N Roses riff-maker turned frontman Slash, has often topped lists of the world’s premiere guitarists, but even the best have been influenced by those who came before. Now the Guns N’ Roses legend has drawn up his own list of the twelve best guitarists of all time, perhaps giving fans a look in […]


Jimi Hendrix Album Banned 47 Years After Release

http://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/rock-guitar-virtuoso-jimi-hendrix-caught-mid-guitar-break-news-photo/2636580 It’s been nearly half a century since rock god Jimi Hendrix released his second studio album, Axis: Bold as Love, the cover art for which featured him and his band The Experience as various forms of the Hindu God Vishnu, but time has played no factor in the Malaysian government’s decision to ban the […]

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