Coda, Cloud Control, WIM, I Like Cats at The Manning Bar 12th September 2008

i like cats opened the nights proceedings, and they truly blew me, and the audience away. The set featured favourites Monster and Banker’s Lament, both of which left more than a few in the audience dribbling for more.

WIM were next up, delivering the most crushing and indominable set of perfect shiny pop I have ever seen. Singer Martin Solomon entranced us all while the rest of the band gave a stunning performance.

After these two acts, Cloud Control were honestly a little bit under whelming. Their songs are great and their sound is solid, but there is something about their arrangements and progressions that seemed somewhat less impressive.

CODA took to the stage and none of us were prepared for what we got. Violin, viola, vibraphone, bass, drums and synths all worked together to produce a truly awe inspiring sound with no vocals. The drummer literally knocked me off my feet with his complex rhythms and rolls, while the double strings provided a depth of sound reminiscent of an old Sigur Ros show.

I can’t stress how good they were, it’s too bad this may be the last set of it’s kind as CODA’s new album sees them incorporate vocals. I can’t wait, but I’m a bit sad as well.

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