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Dua Lipa Review – Seven-Year-Old Lola Critiques Pop Star’s Sydney Show

Dua Lipa performed at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Wednesday, 9th November. Our seven-year-old music critic Lola Jenkins was there to review.

My dad picked me up from after-school care. When we got home I had a bath and then I had some dinner and then we realised that we were late so I had to quickly get my outfit on and we went in the car.

We went inside and we got some drinks and then we went into our door. After that, we had to try and find our seat. We found our seats and someone was sitting in our seats, so they just scooched over so we could fit in our seat. Then she started and everyone was so excited and I made a bet with my daddy that she was wearing blue. She was wearing blue, so I was correct.

Lola on the ground at Dua Lipa’s Sydney show

The first song she played was ‘Physical’ and the dancers were on the ballet bar. Dua was wearing a blue jumpsuit thing. The dancers were wearing pink clothes. She had a big movie screen behind her and a giant ramp that she could go up to and she shouted out to someone wearing a white tank top with a red phone.

Then there were these crazy guys on roller skates, and while they were on roller skates, the ladies quickly changed and came back – it took them like ten seconds – and then the lady dancers were wearing white skirts with a sparkly belt. And then the boys were wearing sparkly belts and some baggy clothes. And Dua was wearing a bedazzled swimsuit.

She played ‘New Rules’ and I loved it. We all danced in our seats. Then she played some songs that I didn’t know, and then my favourite part of the show was ‘Be the One’. Everyone was standing up and dancing. And my dad was holding up my baby brother Buddy. He was laughing. Buddy was wearing his ear muffs and just watching my dad’s phone of dancing broccoli and vegetables. It’s really weird. He’s two.

Dua Lipa – ‘Be the One’

She played songs I know and then when she played songs I didn’t know we realised that we should go home because it was really late and it was a school night. So on the way home we got McDonald’s, but I fell asleep before I could finish my McDonald’s.

I’m happy that I saw Dua Lipa because I came with my step mum and brother and they’ve never been there before, but I went to Qudos Bank Arena for KISS. I’ve never been to a concert with them, so it was a nice experience going with them. And Dua Lipa, she was shouting out to people and that was very nice. I don’t think anyone at my school went to the concert, so that’s why I think I’m very lucky.

I think that maybe they shouldn’t be having so much drinks there because people get a bit… you know. When we were leaving, I saw this girl and I think she fell over and she was, like, vomiting. Also, I think maybe she lost her ticket, because she was crying and saying, “No, no.” And the police were saying, “What happened? What happened?”

I don’t think they should serve alcohol at concerts with a lot of people because people could get a bit crazy and hurt other people or start fighting or fall over.

I liked KISS a little bit better because I’ve known them for longer. KISS had gigantic statues but Dua didn’t have any statues. Did she forget to arrange it, or she didn’t want to have a big thing of herself? But I think KISS did because they’ve been doing concerts for like 50 years.

My score out of 100 for the Dua Lipa concert is 97 because she didn’t have as many statues and Dua Lipa didn’t have any fire explosions. And some kids like Dua Lipa and they could’ve gone there and she was saying some swear words.

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