The Pretty Littles – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney 19/05/16

Push aside the two obnoxious blondes having an obnoxiously loud conversation about a wealth of obnoxious topics, and Cristian Compano is actually throwing great banter between a sweet set of songs. Accompanied by Will from The Pretty Littles on drums, for whom, he keeps telling us, this night is the first time he’s ever played these songs, they enthral the early crowd with songs drenched in delay that echo warm vibes.

Perpetrating a pretty ochre persona, he plays his latest single What You’re Doing To Me, telling us that he wrote it “about Michelle, my missus”, as well as seven more new, unannounced tunes. He even goes so far as to jokingly ask for requests, and when suggested the legendary Stevie Wonder classic Superstition, he responds with “is that by Jamiroquai?”

It seems there are not any die-hard Stevie fans in the room tonight, but no time to dwell on that cheeky mishap. Melbourne four-piece Neighbourhood Youth have taken the stage and lifted the roof square off this joint. The bassist has descended from the stage to sway and rock out on the floor in front of a growing crowd, as the first jangling guitar lines of track Home ring out around the room.

It’s a fact that this band holds a sound that could fill a room five times the size. Again making great use of their delay pedal, the boys strum delicately through a nine-track set, hitting notes fantastically and not really paying attention to much else, not even their geographical location (“We drove down from Melbourne today… Up! I meant drove up!” blunders lead vocalist John Phillip).

Latest single Atlantic proves a standout for this set, with echoing guitars mimicking the ambience of the ocean in certain parts. But honourable mention should go to track My Friends with it’s anxious and incessant strumming followed quickly by explosive percussion and instrument thrashing. Plus John’s warm baritone vocals prove just right amidst the chaos.

But now time for the main attraction, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t prepared for as much banter as I came across tonight witnessing The Pretty Littles. But as soon as eyes clap onto lead singer Jack Parsons, you can tell here’s a dude with both passion and humour flowing through him.

Donning a cap, which reads “I <3 Bondi” on the top, he launches into opening track Shit Head whilst thrashing around, part shouting part singing, kind of loosing his marbles. Tracks such as Mumma and Pride go down incredibly well with all in the room, after which Parsons claims he would go on all night (“You can’t go anywhere anyway! Casino Mike won’t let us go anywhere!”).

Stories about his mate that went to what he calls “a doofer festival” and wanted to do acid come to light between songs, weaving in how he and a couple other of his mates “committed to acid” as he says, and some how we then come to a song via a short anecdote about his “mate James selling pingaz”. But the comedy isn’t just reserved to interval monologues.

Dingo is a song dedicated to STI’s, with lyrics “Dingo’s got a wart on his willy” causing chuckles around the entire room. Then there is the half-arsed “covers” of the night, including a repeat of the chorus of Torn by Natalia Imbruglia, Dammit by Blink-182, and a full on crowd sing along of Rain by Dragon and Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.

Great banter, but also a great passion behind their more serious songs. I don’t think you could find a more entertaining Thursday night gig if you tried.

The Pretty Littles continue their tour this weekend, grab all the dates and ticket links below!

The Pretty Littles ‘Pride’ Tour 

Friday, 20th May

Moonshine, Manly NSW

Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 21st May

The Loft, Warrnambool VIC

Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 3rd June

The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC

Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 10th June

The Northern, Byron Bay NSW

Tickets: Official Website

Sunday, 12th June

Broadbeach Tavern, Gold Coast QLD

Tickets: Official Website


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