Issue #10

The Class of Elefant Traks enters YEAR 10

In This Issue:The Herd, Atmosphere, Spit Syndicate, Bliss N Esso, Reverse Polarities, Def Wish Cast, Thundamentals

Music Feeds would like to thank the following for making our the issue heaps rad.
John Skola, Strand Hatters (02 9231 6884), Cream on King (02 9565 2955), Marina Younger, Adidas, Puma, Le Specs (, Blinde (1300 721 160), The North Face, Bolle, DITA, Maria Farmer, Golightly True alliance, EVHPR, Rochelle Hernandez, Janet king, Clare Molesworth, Zaz, Eileen, Thomas Mitchell, Joel Hedrick, Dan Clarke, Anna May, Freya Ververis, Aaron Lippincott, Georgia Dawes, Nat Griffin, Alexander Mewton, Lookup crew, Alison Myers, Adnan & Emma Bjorndahl Peace

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