Issue #20

In this issue: The Fuji Collective, Eagles of Death Metal, The Church, McKisko, Cut Chemist, The Fumes, Mark Pritchard, Quan

You may have noticed there’s a bit of blood spattered on this page (Note from Tobes: If you’re reading this on the web, imagine blood splattered on the computer screen). I could invent some cock and bull story about it representing all the blood sweat and tears that goes into making this magazine, but that would be a lie. The truth is your mother was over recently and things got a bit out of hand. Suffice to say after a trip to the emergency room, everything was stitched back up, but the experience did leave a few scars in the office, more psychological that physical though. That intern will never be the same.

But, office-bound depravity aside, allow me to welcome you once again to your fortnightly dose of poor taste, bad humour and music journalism, if you can call it that.

It’s our 20th Birthday this issue, that’s right we made it to the big 20! Take that economic downturn, you rat bastard! It being our 20th can only mean one thing, our 21st is around the corner so if the next issue comes out with a picture of me making out with a fire extinguisher on the cover don’t be alarmed, we’ve just been shitfaced for two weeks and thought it was a good idea. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, this issue first.

We have Fuji Collective on the cover this fortnight, as they are soon to be released from observation to play a gig at The Vanguard this Thursday the 30th of April. Also resident red head Amelia Schmidt caught up with Jesse ‘Boots Electric’ Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal to discuss his love of Olivia Newton John. While new man in the ranks Jesse Hayward gets molested by The Church, I catch up with Cut Chemist in his lab for a quick chat and Dan Clarke gets woozy from The Fumes.

As usual in meeting your voyeuristic needs we’ve got some great snaps from the High & Dry Fundraiser as well as shots from the Easy Star All Stars and The School of Seven Bells shows.

We also catch up with Brisbane songstress McKisko, purveyors of twisted electro Mark Pritchard and Monk Fly, Perth outfit Streetlight and many more indie musos.

I have nothing left to say so I’ll leave you here, and tell your mother to leave the acrylics at home next time, we can’t afford the clean up again.


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