Issue #23

In this issue: Regular John, Ouch My Face, Maximo Park, One Flew East, Groove Armada, Slimey Things, Fourplay

Well seeing as though we have Regular John on the cover this week I am unofficially dubbing this issue the Gigolo issue (refer to article). In the spirit of the sex for hire issue I have decided to shill myself out to all comers for $50 a pop, or whatever else you’d like to do to me. I believe it’s time media whores like myself admit to themselves who they are, bend over and make a profit.

I’m completely serious, I will let you demoralise and debase me for a nominal charge. I have no shame left and my self respect died a long time ago.

So what’s in this issue then huh? I’ll tell you what in this issue!

As I said we have Regular John on the cover, fuck yeah. We finally got Groove Armada done and that’s sitting pretty, ready for a thorough reading over, as are Maximo Park’s candy asses.

Local demented funk-punk-rock outfit Slimey Things are dressed in leather awaiting discipline and Melbourne three piece Ouch My Face are laying in wait to demolish your face with a sledge hammer made of shit if you’re not ready.

One Flew East are raising the roof on the cuckoos nest, Mr Bungle saxophonist Bar McKinnon chats about new project Umlaut, and Jordy Lane gives us the lowdown on his Fuzzbox. We’ve also got naughty snaps from Bluejuice and The Philly Jays show from over the weekend, as well as some erotic letters from Fourplay and others.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I will pretend to enjoy you raping me.


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