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Courtney Barnett, Jen Cloher, Jade Imagine Remixed on Forthcoming Milk! Records Remix Compilation

Beloved Melbourne record label Milk! Records will release a compilation of remixes from artists on its roster as part of its 10th birthday celebrations. The first track released from Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1 is a Tim Shiel and Mindy Meng Wang rework of Liz Stringer’s ‘First Time Really Feeling’.

Tracks from the best-known Milk! artists will feature on the compilation, including Courtney Barnett’s ‘Anonymous Club’, Jen Cloher’s ‘Regional Echo’, Tiny Ruins’ ‘Holograms’, and Jade Imagine’s ‘Gonna Do Nothing’. You can have a look at the full tracklist below. Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1 will be released on Friday, 12th May.

Liz Stringer: ‘First Time Really Feeling’ (Tim Shiel & Mindy Meng Wang remix)

“I’m a huge Liz Stringer fan, and it was an honour to work on this,” Tim Shiel said in a statement about the ‘First Time Really Feeling’ remix. “Once I stripped the track back to Liz’s vocal I realised there was even more emotion, depth, resonance and rawness than I had thought there was in a song I already loved for all of those reasons.”

Elsewhere on the compilation, artists like Marcus Whale, Seja, Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa and Simona Castricum have all put their considerable talents into remixing Milk! originals.

The idea for the compilation was born during the string of parties that Milk! threw last year for their 10th birthday. The label was born in 2012 with the release of Barnett’s EP I’ve Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris.

Milk! Records – Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1

  1. The Finks – ‘the moment the world rushed in’ (Marcus Whale Remix)
  2. Liz Stringer – ‘First Time Really Feeling’ (Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel Remix)
  3. Hachiku – ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ (Banoffee Remix)
  4. The Merindas – ‘History Eraser’ (Original by Courtney Barnett)
  5. Ouch My Face – ‘Do The Wrong Thing’ (Stella Mozgawa Remix)
  6. East Brunswick All Girls Choir – ‘Essendon 1986’ (Geryon Remix)
  7. Jen Cloher – ‘Regional Echo’ (Seja Remix)
  8. Jen Cloher – ‘Regional Echo’ (Various Asses Remix)
  9. Tiny Ruins – ‘Holograms’ (Corey Kikos Remix)
  10. Courtney Barnett – ‘Anonymous Club’ (Simona Castricum Remix)
  11. Mess Esque – ‘Sweetspot’ (California Girls Remix)
  12. Jade Imagine – ‘Gonna Do Nothing’ (Snowy Remix)
  13. Hachiku – ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ (REBEL YELL Remix)

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