Issue #25

In this Issue: Exquisite Corpse 1st Birthday, I Like Cats, Ghoul, Danimals

Well here it is a whole week late, and with half the stories we hoped to have in here. Don’t you just love weed? We obviously do too much.

But anyway I digress.

It gives me a great and unfathomably perverted pleasure to celebrate Exquisite Corpse’s 1st Birthday with this special issue dedicated to recognising the night’s passage from an uncontrollable crying, shitting and vomiting infant into the spectacular drooling toddler it is today, or depending on when you are reading this, will be by the 30th of July.

In recognition of us recognising the event I talk to EC main man James Shirlaw about everything from pentecostal exorcisms and animal entrails to naked men gift wrapped in glass boxes and Kandinsky’s obsession with returning to the womb.

We’ve also got interviews with i like cats, Ghoul, Danimals, The Fumes, The Ray Mann Three, The Paper Scissors, The Bedroom Philosopher, Unkle Ho and Clutch.

We’re sorry this was so late, but keep an eye out for forthcoming interviews with Michael Rother, GZA/Genius, The Black Ryder and many more to come.


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