5 Break-Up Songs To Help You Through The #libspill

In shocking news it seems that the turbulent love affair between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull has finally come to an end. The opposites-attract romance between the two had been tense for a long time say insiders, with Tony’s masculine posturing often leaving the urbane Turnbull embarrassed at dinner parties and media functions.

Turbull has resigned from cabinet and is set to call a spill vote for the leadership of the party… classic bitter ex amirite? No news as to any settlement between the couple, although it’s likely Tony Will keep the children, Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison being so fond of him.

When it comes to the couple’s mutual friends however things are more evenly split with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reportedly supporting Malc, while shriveled prune and Bond villain-esque Media tyrant Rupert Murdoch tweeting in support of the PM. This last piece of news comes as no surprise with the politician and the media baron having long been BFFs.


While you all undoubtedly sob uncontrollably while screaming “NOOOOOO!!!!” at the computer screen in heartfelt anguish at this horrible news (I haven’t cried like this since Brad and Jen broke up), take a moment, breathe, we’re here for you, with the Music Feeds top 5 break up songs to get you through the #LibSpill.

#1 I’m All Out Of Love – Air Supply

A fitting number 1 as Air Supply are Australian, and just like them, Tony Abbott is all out of love… from the electorate and his party I mean.

#2 Careless Whisper – WHAM feat George Michael

Coming in at number 2, Wham and George Michael’s classic ballad about betrayal could very well be about our two fateful lovers, with Turnbull having made a fare few careless whispers about the PM to the press throughout their rocky relationship.

#3 I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

… or at least Tony hopes so, although it looks like he might be the one being told he’s “not welcome anymore” when it comes down to a vote.

#4 We Are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

I kid you not, this is apparently all Tony Abbot will listen to since the split.

#5 Crying – Roy Orbison

And finally we get to number #5, which actually goes out to the Australian people who are surely crying now, if they hadn’t been already ever since Abbott took office.

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