‘7am’ Podcast Host Launches ‘Everybody Knows’ Podcast, Covering Aussie Music Industry’s #MeToo Moment

Ruby Jones, the host of Australia’s most-listened to daily news podcast series 7am, has today shared the first episode of a new five-part investigative podcast series titled Everybody Knows.

The podcast, created in partnership with Schwartz Media, will dive deep into the rise and fall of the Me Too movement in Australia’s music industry. Jones will also investigate serious allegations of harassment, abuse and assault, that have surfaced from the Australian offices of some of the world’s biggest and most powerful music companies.

Speaking on the podcast in an official statement, Jones posed reasons as to why she wanted to create this series.

“I want to know why, four years on from Me Too, so little has changed for women in Australia,” she wrote.

“How the law, journalistic failures and a culture of ‘boys will be boys’ has combined to make speaking about abuse so impossible. How is it that everybody knows about the crimes being committed and yet nothing changes?”

Today marked the launch of the first episode of the podcast. Titled ‘The company’, Jones asks why Me Too stories are still so hard to tell in Australia. She dives deep into the barriers, both legal and cultural, that victims face when wanting to speak out, looking specifically at the recent allegations of harassment and toxic workplace cultures at Sony Music’s Australia office in Sydney.

Everybody Knows is available to listen to now across all podcast apps, including Apple Music and Spotify.

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